Thursday, April 30, 2015

TecmoSuper App Version 6!

With the recent discovery that Tecmo Super Bowl's AKB value does nothing for kickers, it was time for a new update.  All of the kicker and punter values have been changing, which changed the ratings for special teams and overall team ratings.  These changes have been made and updated to the app.

If you haven't downloaded it yet, you can get it for free HERE at the google play store.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


TECMOSUPER APP has over 10,000 downloads!  The free app which can be downloaded on the google play store for android has gone through 19 updates and is currently on version 5.0 to make it the app that it is today.  To celebrate, you can go to the twitter announcement found on @birdssportsfan and retweet and favorite the announcement and you will be entered in a drawing for a pack of brand new custom made tecmo super bowl trading cards.  Some examples are shown above.  I will draw winner(s) on Friday June 13th.

Thanks for the support, the feedback, and the downloads!

Tecmosuper App is a roster and attribute guide to everyone's favorite retro sports game, Tecmo Super Bowl for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  If you haven't downloaded the app yet, you can get it for free at the google play store by clicking HERE.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

tecmosuper app version 5!

The update you have all been waiting for!  Tecmosuper App should be how you all want it.  Roster corrections have been made, which changed some of the overall ratings.  the Best of screen has been fixed to where it is readable on all phones now.  We also have a wristband mode which gives you an overall-at-a-glance view of the teams, ratings, and best players to use.  Give it a try, it's free.  Check out stats for the all time greatest football game ever!

Click HERE to download free from google play store!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

8-bit gladiators is finally here!

 The moment you have all been waiting for....the first build of 8-bit gladiators is available!  It is FREE on the android google play store!  Give it a try and see how you like it!

Click HERE to download free from Google Play Store!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

tecmosuper app version 4!

The moment a many of our downloaders have asked for!  People liked the app as a resource but wanted some tweaks to the ratings.  Well formulas have been adjusted (thanks to the help of some over at community), ratings have been done, and even a new opening screen that shows a different football card on random each time you open the app has been created.  This is TECMOSUPER APP version 4!

The overall team ratings have been adjusted to where the best offense is given a 100, and the rest of the teams are based off of the percentage of the highest, so it is easier to compare from team to team.  The same goes for defense, special teams, and overall.  The ratings for players are probably still not perfect, but no matter what, you can never get it all the way when using their attributes in a formula.  I do think that this is much improved, and will hopefully be a good resource for those out there who want to look through the rosters, and be more familiar with the teams.

Click HERE to download it from the google play store for free, or if you already have it downloaded, be sure to go and have it updated!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

fish tank

It has been a busy weekend at TOADsoft.  We pulled off the hat-trick and created our third app this weekend.  It is called fish tank.  All the fun of having a fish in a sleek designed aquarium on your phone, but none of the mess.  You can feed your fish and watch him swim.  Enjoy!

Click HERE to download from the google play store!

dynamite with a laser beam!

Are you kidding me?  Two new apps in one weekend???  See something awesome and you don't know how to put it into words on how great it was?  Need a laugh?  You just love the phrase "dynamite with a laser beam?"  Check out TOADsoft's newest free app, the DWALB button!  There are 13 random phrases that play when you push the button.  More will be added, so be sure to check for updates.  Nothing is worse than an outdated DWALB button!

Click HERE to download the app free from the google play store!