the play

Relive one of the most exciting plays in college football history!

"The Play" is one of the most memorable plays in all of College Football history.  With only enough time left for a kick return, the Bears returned a kick using many laterals for the game winning touchdown.  The real excitement came when the returners not only had to dodge the Cardinals players, but also the crowd that was storming the field thinking the Cardinals won the game.  One poor band member felt the wrath as he was knocked over in the end zone by the kick returner.
In this game, you are the heroic kick returner on the last play of the game.  Your goal is to hit as many band members as you can.  Each hit is worth 7 points.  Be aware, as you will need to use your direction buttons to outskirt defenders, crazed fans, referees, and even cheerleaders who will tackle you and the game will be over.  Good Luck!

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