Saturday, March 22, 2014

tecmosuper app version 4!

The moment a many of our downloaders have asked for!  People liked the app as a resource but wanted some tweaks to the ratings.  Well formulas have been adjusted (thanks to the help of some over at community), ratings have been done, and even a new opening screen that shows a different football card on random each time you open the app has been created.  This is TECMOSUPER APP version 4!

The overall team ratings have been adjusted to where the best offense is given a 100, and the rest of the teams are based off of the percentage of the highest, so it is easier to compare from team to team.  The same goes for defense, special teams, and overall.  The ratings for players are probably still not perfect, but no matter what, you can never get it all the way when using their attributes in a formula.  I do think that this is much improved, and will hopefully be a good resource for those out there who want to look through the rosters, and be more familiar with the teams.

Click HERE to download it from the google play store for free, or if you already have it downloaded, be sure to go and have it updated!!!